Virtual Gallery

These paintings are from an ongoing series that explores the forms and motifs that have become architectural tropes in their repeated use in certain buildings as monuments.

Cathedral Series

The “Cathedral” series uses a window-like framing device that further points to a critical reading of these buildings’ cultural meanings. These paintings use a critical and playful irony in the otherwise seriousness of these types of buildings’ symbolism, thus drawing critical attention to their functions in a contemporary context where monuments are increasingly being questioned. Furthermore, conceptually, the paint of the painted image itself exists as a facade – as skin sitting over a monochromatic underpainting – expressing that these institutional buildings’ symbolic meanings themselves are, and should be, open to criticism and reimagining.

Legislature Series

The “Legislature” series uses an analysis and abstraction of provincial legislature buildings in Canada by abstracting this use of architectural tropes through a process of geometric simplification and repetition and with the use of an abstracted colour vocabulary.

Parliament 1